Welcome to the RUB-Makerspace...

The RUB-Makerspace, located in the former Opel administration building, provides a space for realizing ideas or creative work. In our Workshops, startups build their prototypes, people use the co-working area or host seminars and project meetings. The Makerspace team supports you with its expertise, offers guidance or advises you on the realization of events. At our place, everyone can create something!

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Workshops, Project Rooms, Co-Working and Event Spaces

... the most creative place at Mark 51°7!

The RUB-Makerspace is more than just a giant playground for all makers. It is a place of encounter, exchange, and limitless creativity. This makes us an attractive venue for (corporate) events. We offer a unique setting for extraordinary events or workshops where you can learn about innovative technologies. But also cooperations with other makerspaces, educational institutions, companies, or networks are very welcome to us!