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Safety and Rules

The Golden Rules

Short Seriousness for Long Fun

  1. basically everyone is welcome in the RUB- Makerspace!
  2. the Makerspace staff is always happy to answer any questions!
  3. visiting and using the Makerspace is at your own risk!
  4. the posted user rules as well as information on dangers and safety are to be observed and followed!
  5. unless instructed and authorized by the Makerspace staff, you have to maintain distance to all machines and tools!
  6. all accidents and damages have to be reported immediately to the Makerspace staff!
  7. think along, clean up after yourself, act responsibly and take care of each other!

Overview Map "Safety"

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Makerspace Means Do It Yourself...

Our goal is for you to learn all the areas and machines in the Makerspace with us and be able to use them by yourself!

Please note the following for the use of the workshops:

  • Before you are allowed to work with machines or tools, you have to be instructed.
  • The General Safety Instruction must be attended first and is therefore sometimes called Introductory Instruction.
  • Based on this, further instructions can be given in any order (e.g. laser, 3D printing, welding, ...).
  • At the initial instruction you will be registered with us and receive an identification card.
  • After the respective instruction, we will accompany and support you along your projects in learning the technology safely.
  • The Makerspace is not only a workshop, but also has areas that can be used without instruction for events, seminars, creative work, exchange and much more.
  • Bringing your own machines and equipment is only allowed in absolute exceptional cases and must be coordinated with us in advance. How good that we have almost everything already here.

For every use of the Makerspace applies: Please think along, watch out for each other and ask if something seems unclear or dangerous!

... But Safely!

Safety has the highest priority - so please always pay attention:

  • Things are being built here - so there are locally and temporally changing dangers.
  • Visit and use the Makerspace at your own risk.
  • Know the locations of first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, and escape and rescue routes.
  • Stay on designated paths of travel (if designated).
  • Keep your distance from machines and do not touch them. Not even after being asked to do so by people who are not part of the Makerspace team.
  • Pay attention to operating instructions, warning, mandatory, and prohibition signs, and other markings.
  • Some areas may only be entered with protective equipment.

Im Notfall 110 anrufen!

Flyer "Info & Security in the Makerspace"

englischen Fyler einfügen!

The most important information about the safe use of the Makerspace can be downloaded in our Flyer Info & Security. This flyer is of course also available in the Makerspace.

User Guidelines


  1. These regulations apply to all persons in the Makerspace of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum ("RUB Makerspace").
  2. The RUB Makerspace is a place where users can realize their ideas. For this purpose, various workshop areas (e.g. for metal and wood construction), so-called laboratories (e.g. design laboratory, media laboratory) as well as further utilization units (e.g. seminar and computer room, project rooms, co-working area, tea kitchens) are available.
  3. The RUB Makerspace is first and foremost a place for (idea) development and exchange as well as creative do-it-yourself and not a pure workshop:

    "Makerspaces are places of collaborative learning and working where people work on projects in their own interest and create (or make) things. The term "things" remains deliberately undefined, because the users should not be restricted in their creativity. The place of making (i.e. the "space") is the platform that provides equipment and, if necessary, material, as well as an opportunity for direct exchange with other users about their own or joint projects."
    Translated from:

  4. access to and working in the RUB Makerspace require the approval of the Makerspace staff; the intentions of use are to be discussed with the staff before starting work.

  5. active, independent work in the Makerspace requires at least participation in a general safety instruction. This does not include standard work such as that performed in regular seminar rooms (e.g., mental work, social work, or computer work). Certain machines or work areas of the Makerspace may also only be used after further, specific instruction. All instruction will be documented and must be repeated annually. Unauthorized machine use or tampering with the access system will result in immediate suspension of use and, if necessary, banning from the premises.
  6. work (except for the above-mentioned 'standard work', such as mental work and computer work) is only permitted in the presence of at least one other person within calling distance (no lone work - especially dangerous activities). Exceptions apply to team members, subject to further measures and agreement.
  7. bringing animals into the RUB Makerspace is prohibited.
  8. within the scope of official/student tasks, accident insurance coverage is provided by the Landesunfallkasse for personal injuries in the Makerspace as everywhere at the RUB. Users are liable for damages caused by improper use of the Makerspace. Therefore, private liability insurance is required for working in the Makerspace. An existing health insurance coverage is also obligatory. Upon request, the Makerspace staff must be presented with the relevant proof. 9. Children and young people are also welcome in the Makerspace. However, they may only be there in the presence of a parent or guardian and may only carry out activities in the workshops in individual consultation with Makerspace staff.
  9. special precautions and rules apply to expectant and nursing mothers - please be sure to report to the Makerspace staff to avert possible dangers.
  10. temporary storage of items, e.g. for projects, must be reported to the Makerspace staff and is at personal risk. The RUB Makerspace is not liable for loss or theft, nor for damage.
  11. inhuman or discriminatory behavior towards others has no place in the RUB Makerspace and will lead to an immediate ban, as will physical altercations or gross insults.
  12. from time to time film and photo recordings are made in the Makerspace. The recordings are used for documentation purposes but also for public relations. Prior to any publication, however, all users and, if applicable, guests must be provided with a separate signed declaration of consent with the possibility of objection.
  13. in the Makerspace as an external property, the RUB-internal control center will not be alerted in case of emergencies, but the emergency number 112 will be used instead.
  14. the RUB house rules apply in the Makerspace - as everywhere at the RUB.
  15. Violation of these rules may result in exclusion from use or a ban from the premises.

Responsibilities of the RUB Makerspace Users

  1. in order to avoid accidents, damage to health and illnesses, users must observe and comply with the following:
    • Instructions of the persons working in the RUB-Makerspace.
    • Contents of the completed instructions in the RUB Makerspace as well as the operating instructions posted at dangerous machines, substances and areas.
    • Warning signs, prohibition signs and instruction signs
    • Accident prevention regulations, safety rules and leaflets of the professional associations as well as the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) incl. appendices in the currently valid version.
  2. no things may be modified/chopped, destroyed or taken away without the owner's consent. Personal projects and materials may only be used or modified with the immediate consent of the owner.
  3. physical and mental ability to perform the job in question must be present.
  4. working in the RUB-Makerspace is prohibited if the ability to work is impaired due to alcohol, drugs or medication.
  5. users must behave in such a way that they do not disturb anyone, do not endanger others and themselves and do not violate the personal rights of others (i.e. ask before taking photos/videos in which people can be recognized).
  6. machines, tools and equipment are to be checked for their proper condition before use, especially for accident safety such as broken cables, and defects are to be reported immediately to the RUB Makerspace staff; use is expressly prohibited in case of damage.
  7. all machines and tools are to be used conscientiously, as intended and with care. Written operating and safety instructions on the tools and machines must be strictly observed. Protective devices must not be removed.
  8. wamage to the inventory and the premises must be reported immediately to the RUB Makerspace staff in order to ensure a quick repair of the damage and to avert possible personal injury.
  9. workstations are to be cleaned up after work, tools are to be returned to their place of destination. If stored in the Makerspace, own materials and other items are to be stored in a box marked with your name. If items are left unmarked, they may be added to the Makerspace inventory for general use or disposed of after 48 hours. Windows and doors must be closed and lights and equipment turned off when leaving the room.
  10. when working where personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn, it is mandatory that it be worn correctly.
  11. access to fire extinguishing equipment, first aid equipment and electrical distributions, traffic routes, exits and emergency exits, etc. shall be kept clear. Fire doors must not be wedged open.
  12. the consumption of food and open beverages is prohibited in workshop areas, on machines and equipment; there are designated areas for this purpose (e.g. tea kitchens, co-working). Drinks are only permitted in closed containers in the workshop areas.
  13. bringing and using private machines and equipment is only permitted in exceptional cases and with the explicit approval of a person in charge of the area. Materials brought along may only be used after prior consultation with the area supervisors.

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